How is modern art different to fine and more traditional art. The city of Miami has long been a cultural centre for the arts, with its brightly coloured hotels and bars lining the well known South Beach strip. Miami is famous for these watering holes as well as of course the beach, beautiful weather and of course the latino culture. Often what tourists don’t know so well is the history of the arts in the Florida metropolis. The arts as it’s referred to, is inclusive of theatre, fine art, modern art, writing, music and all those things creative. So using this backdrop of the sun kissed coastal mecca, let’s talk about the difference between art of the fine and modern or contemporary nature and how that is developing in 2019.

Fine art is something, in my opinion to be something born from actual talent. Art which is drawn or painted with a level of skill and ability that the everyday person on the street can not do, I would consider as fine or real art. In contrast to this, we now have the emergence of what is being dubbed modern or contemporary art. Now,don’t get me wrong – there is some modern art which is very skilled, talented and is easy on the eye. That said, I have seen some “art” which is basically just a load of things just constructed together or paint splashed onto a page which looks no more advanced than the work of a toddler.

So what is the difference between the two? Well, today in 2019, there are an increasing number of modern art galleries popping up in all the major cities across the USA and the world. I guess it all depends on personal preference and taste and how you assess it. Some would say, if there is some level of creativity that has gone into a piece, then it is art, some would argue that If they see something that they could do themselves or their child could put together than that of course is not art. That said, art is supposed to be subjective which is why it is the counterweight of science which is all based on facts and objectivity.

So in summary, it is clear that art is something of personal taste and so the difference to some, especially if you visit an art gallery in Florida between fine art and modern art – is nothing. Whereas others who are more traditional would argue that there is a big difference and fine art is true art whereas modern or contemporary art is just a flash in the pan and will eventually die out.