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Opinions as to whether modern art compares favorably to its predecessor form are sharply diverse. While to some people contemporary art is a means of expressing ideas and concepts in original, thought-provoking ways, to others it is completely talentless. Modern art differs substantially from a conventional masterpiece; from the level of dedication of the artists to the skill that goes into their creations. Those who disapprove more of modern art go to the extent of describing the same as lacking in depth and hence not a depiction of innate skills. So, is contemporary art actually art or just talentless rubbish? Below is a detailed exposition of this issue.

Reasons some claim modern art not real art

Effortlessness; Unlike visual art from galleries such as Galleryvibe.com in Naples, Florida that used to take a significant level of effort and skill, Modern Art relies on the use of state-of-the-art equipment and styles that include cubism, minimalism, and impressionism. It is a product of non-script objects that have been created and perfected with the use of sophisticated machines. Modern-day artists can just spray paint on canvas, and add seaweed and hair into it, burn it halfway through and in no time the art is complete. The amount of planning and meticulousness that go into the creation of modern art is, therefore, far much less than that which went into the production of Leonardo DA Vince, for instance. It is Just for few persons; Consumers of modern art occasionally come across some easily done creations that leave them screaming “I could have done that too.” The reason is some individuals come up with artless works that comprise a few dots on canvas and ask for unrealistic sums of money for the mere fact the works bear their signatures. The media somehow advances the practices by supporting a select few artists giving them the label great artists. Some explain that such acts have something to do with the originators of the idea behind the shows forgetting that everything has a limit.

Superficiality; Art should be something you see and look keenly into to find beauty in it and understand. However, modern art is so shallow a 5-year-old that child can easily comprehend and imitate. This attribute explains why art lovers still admire the great pieces of art. They are so special thanks to the effort, the captivating story and the artist’s compelling inspiration. Modern art, on the contrary, does not convey a distinctive beauty that irresistibly compels its recipients to cherish dearly.

Modern art in lego

Reason opponents claim Modern Art is art

Definition; art, according to its description, is the expression or the use of human creative ability and imagination. Consequently, the modern art qualifies to be art; it depicts the current subjects and issues. Just like conventional art falls in one category of art, contemporary art is a different art. For any given era, art must utilize the available techniques and technologies explaining why Modern Art uses the latest equipment. So, using the fact completing modern art takes a short time, thanks to advances in technology, as evident in several other aspects of present-day society to imply the art is without value are discriminatory.

Increasing Popularity; Modern artists are gaining popularity by the day, evidence that the society is receptive of their works. Art galleries keep on popping up in cities in various parts of the globe. The most famous museums expand and open up chains in huge cities. Apparently, therefore, quite a good number of people consider it Modern Art true art. Exhibitions on the same witness massive number of people who attend the special events for many reasons.

Probable Reason for the difference in value

That modern art may not be as artsy as a great masterpiece is possibly attributable to the fact current society has become weak in its critique of the work of the artists. Since we are so cautious about hurting their feelings, we do not accurately assess their work and hence do not challenge them to become better in what they do.


Considering how animated the debate as to whether modern art is art or not is the discussion will apparently not be ending anytime soon. Proponents and opponents seem to have different reasons for their positions. However, disqualifying one form of art because it is of lesser value compared to another type seems unfair. Taking a broader look at the factors making the art lose value may provide valuable insight.