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An offline business is the kind of business where, the business is not connected to any network such as the mobile devices or the computer, even though it is more than able to. For any business to grow, it requires the right kind of marketing strategy in order to create awareness for the services they are providing. Offline businesses have been known to utilize the offline media when campaigning for their products. These include radio and television advertisements, printouts such as pamphlets, and word of mouth. In the current business world, all these are unconventional methods which, though they yield results, do not always meet the desired target.

social media or seo

SEO and social media marketing are both marketing strategies that can be used by offline businesses. Though they are both effective, they harbor differences that make one more active as compared to the other. A trusted agency that can be used in Liverpool, UK is www.smartseoliverpool.co.uk/. When one posts an advert on social media or creates a page as a business platform where they intend to showcase their market, it is required of them to follow up and communicate with the potential clients. However, offline businesses are more often than not detached from social media, and participation on these forums is the last thing on their schedule. This may eventually cost them, clients, as most people tend to lose interest where communication is vague.

cycle-social-seoEventually, sales are not made due to deprived awareness. On the other hand, SEO gives an offline business the opportunity to create awareness through keyword optimization. Search engines such as google and yahoo use SEO to help you rise in the search result pages, taking into consideration the strength of your keywords. There is good traffic flow, as the people searching through your page are all your intended audience guided by your keywords.

It is important to note that, those who happen to see your post or link on social media, are people who are either, browsing, and not necessarily looking for your market. However, when using SEO, your potential clients are looking for something specific that is well researched. For an offline business, having your contacts and geographic location in the content or the URL allows for the visitor on your page to access you if they feel that you meet their requirement. They do not land on your site by chance, but out of necessity. Though social media is a fast growing marketing trend, SEO has established a base of trust and lasting results, which increases the visibility and sales in any offline market.